Shipping Updates

May 22nd Update:

Production has been ramping up at our manufacturing facilities over the last couple of months and the impact is now being seen in our fulfillment capabilities.

We are excited to tell you that all orders under #16,391 have either been received by our customers or are in final processing at our Fulfillment Centers! Furthermore, approximately 40% of all orders above 16,391 have already been fulfilled based on the stock we’ve had. 

Based on the volume of product that is currently on it’s way to our fulfillment centers, we believe that we will be caught up with ALL current orders within the next 2-3 weeks. There are a couple of factors that could delay this (such as customs holding up an incoming shipment) but we are confident enough to post this message today.

Our goal is to be able to be in the position to fulfill future orders within just 3-5 business days, once we are caught up with current orders. We certainly appreciate all of your support and your patience with our customer service team and hope to continually give you good news as the days, weeks and months progress.

May 21st Update:

Kitchener team working hard to ship out your orders out the door!

May 19th Update:

Happy Tuesday!Over 1100 orders left our fulfillment centers again this weekend and we are geared up and ready for a BIG week.

For all those that received their orders without the replaceable coloured shell you ordered, those are set to ship out to you this week. When we have fulfilled all past orders for those coloured shells, they will be available again on the website for ordering.

Thank you for your patience and support in our effort to help the world breathe a little easier!

May 13th Update:

Over the last 6 days, 2,856 orders from our Chicago fulfillment center. That represents more than 4000 masks that will be reaching customers mailboxes and front porches very soon! 

More stock is arriving at our fulfillment centers daily. Stay tuned for more detailed updates as we keep working to fulfill all orders.


May 9th Update:

Those 1200 orders shipping from Chicago this weekend will soon be joined by 1600 more currently being processed in Ottawa.

Picking and packing continues to be determined by the timing of incoming stock, as well as how warehouse associates create their batches. Because of this the actual range of orders being processed currently is between approximately 7000 and 18000 (only a handful under 10K) with the bulk of them being between 10 and 14 thousand. As we said earlier, our goal is still to get those with lower order numbers out in front of those with higher order numbers.

As always, our goal is to get your goods out to you as fast as we can - this will never change!



May 8th Update:

TGIF! Chicago has got big weekend plans - we’re processing 1200 orders to ship by Monday.

As some of you have noticed, we made a slight error in our may 6th update! *in canadian accent* sorry aboot that! The post originally said “For now we are filling orders, prioritizing those in the 13000 - 14000 range”, but has since been updated to say “...10000 - 14000 range”. don’t worry 10-13K! You haven’t been forgotten!

Our goal is to be caught up on backlog in time to fulfill orders 18000+ per our original projection. For example, if all goes as planned, an order in the 18000s would ship out from the warehouse within 3 - 5 weeks from today (edited). Please keep in mind this is the goal, we continue to be at the mercy of pandemic logistics. It could be later, but it could be earlier too!

We know this is not ideal for those less than 18000. This is not the level of customer of service we ever aimed for, and we are working hard on improving it for the future. Just this week we’ve hired more customer service staff to improve our reach on ALL platforms. We can’t wait to better connect with each of you! 🥰 

In other news… we have caught up on all orders for frontline workers! We are so happy to protect all our frontliners and allow them to breathe easy!


May 6th Update:

Good news! Chicago warehouse was able to process 1500 more orders faster than anticipated.  We successfully shipped out a large batch of orders yesterday and even depleted it’s entire inventory of 5-pack filters! Thankfully, a new shipment of 4000 5-pack filters arrived and has been unpacked to continue filling orders.

Our shipping process is still operating slowly as we work out some kinks! We hope to announce updated projections next week. For now we are filling orders, prioritizing those in the 10000 - 14000 range*. As always, we try our best to fill these chronologically. Although this is our goal, inventory supplies play a large influence on which orders can be filled before others.

Kitchener warehouse is focused on getting priority masks out to our frontline workers. We are so thankful for the risk and hard work they do!

*edited May 7: updated from 13000-14000, this was a typing error. 


May 4th Update:

May the Fourth be with you! Orders under #10,000 (excluding fashion shells) have been filled. Please let us know if you have an order number less than #10,000 and have not received the masks in your order.

As mentioned last week, a big shipment of masks arrived at the docks of our Chicago warehouse. These have begun processing and we can’t wait for the warehouse shelves to be stocked with masks!

Our latest Ottawa fulfillment center was delayed slightly on the weekend. Our logistics team is working hard to resolve the issue before the end of the week. In the meantime they are receiving additional masks and filters.

Finally, We wish a very happy holiday to all our customers in China!


May 1st Update:

Easy Breezy! Have a look at all the places our Windy City warehouse has shipped to this week (just in the US alone)! This morning they received 5000 additional masks to continue filling international orders.


April 30th Update:

Overdue Orders: Overdue orders up to #10000 are being shipped via our Chicago warehouse (excluding backordered fashion shells). 

Canadian Orders: We’ve added a NEW Canadian fulfillment center in Ottawa to help get our Canadian orders out!

Chinese Public Holiday: Components made in China, such as fashion shells, may be delayed due to China’s upcoming public holiday (aka May Day). We are working on getting as much product released through customs and to our fulfillment centers before the vacation begins!

Projection Calendars: As our small company scaled up to meet increased demand, obstacles directly related to the pandemic prevented us from making accurate shipping projections. We were trying our best but things were changing by the hour. We can no longer stand by our previous projections. We are so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Going Forward: We are trying our best to ship chronologically but due to inventory levels of various warehouses, it doesn’t always work out that way. Please be assured we are committed to fulfilling every single order, large or small just the same.



April 29th Update:

Happy Wednesday (for those who are still keeping track of the days)! A few updates from today:

  • Fashion shells are en route to all of our warehouses. Once we get our hands on them we will pack and ship them to you!
  • We value each and every one of our customers. We are a small (but growing) customer service team working on replying to all inquiries through email, facebook, and all our social media channels.
  • For those who are asking… we do have additional customer support phone lines in the works! Stay tuned!

We are expecting an update later today regarding progress on overdue orders - we will let you know as soon as we know!


April 28th Update:

April 27th Update:

We still have less than 800 outstanding orders with numbers less than #10,000. We are working hard to get these out ASAP! 

If your order contained one of our Fashion Shells, it may have shipped without these due to backorders. We apologize for this inconvenience however this was our best solution logistically to get masks shipped out. But don’t worry! You will still be getting your shells, just at a later date. We still have your orders and will ship as soon as stock becomes available. We are told it will be this week!

Orders from the last week and forward will not have the fashion shells split as we have inventory coming in this week. If that gets held up we will look at a split again. Moving forward we should be able to hit our fulfillment rates now that stock is coming in to meet demands. 

April 24th Update:

We are very excited to announce we recently switched logistics companies to better support the influx of orders! Our new warehouse is catching up on over 1400 orders today! The order numbers range from #3000 - #10 000. If this sounds like yours, you will receive a tracking number as soon as it leaves the warehouse (today or tomorrow). #1000apologies #breatheasy 

April 23rd Update:

Valued Customers,

As a company, we recognize that the chaos being driven by this pandemic is not ideal for any of us. We are committed to getting masks to every one of you. Delays in every aspect of our business are having a huge impact on the timing of fulfilling your orders. Thousands of masks are sitting on planes that can’t take off, stuck at borders we can’t cross over or somewhere in transit moving slowly and sporadically. Please be sure that we are not trying to scam anyone or be dishonest in any way. We respond to your emails and messages with the most up-to-date information we have, and when it changes we try our best to communicate that to you.

We are working day in and day out to get stock moving as fast as we can, and we do believe fulfillments will happen within a reasonable time frame. However, some orders continue to be further delayed due to stock issues, repeated flight cancellations and other transportation challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, these have been unpredictable.

We want to thank all of our customers for being understanding and having patience at this difficult time and we are committed to getting masks to you despite these challenges. We will send tracking information as soon as your order ships. If you haven't received your products within 4 weeks of dispatch, we ask that you contact us so that we can investigate and figure out how to best get our masks to you!


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