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CANADA - Air filter masks donated to B.C. by Waterloo startup Waterloo startup

O2 Canada has donated 250 filtration masks as air quality has worsened in B.C. as hundreds of wildfires burn in that province.



HONG KONG - O2 Canada fits China with world’s finest pollution masks

The anti-pollution device was modelled on research from Polytechnic University that provided specifications for the average face shape in China.

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CANADA - Air pollution huge opportunity for Kitchener filter mask startup

KITCHENER — Richard Szasz was in China to check out a factory making furniture for one of his student housing projects in Waterloo when he decided to visit Tiananmen Square in Beijing.



South China Morning Post: Canadian start-up develops face-matching anti-pollution mask for China market New Face Masks To Protect Yourself Against Air Pollution in Hong Kong



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