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Premium Respiratory Protection

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Designed Canada leaf.
In Canada

Exploded diagram of O2 Curve: medical-grade seal, electrostatic filter, and ergonomic shell. Clean cloud atmosphere wih a blue and yellow hue.


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The O2 Curve has a performance-first modular design that is comfortable and easy to use. The soft medical-grade seal fits many face shapes and works well with facial hair. The earloop strap is adjustable and allows a secure feel even during work activities.

Sideview of O2 Curve and earloop strap.


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O2 Industries' innovative filters make respiratory protection safe and inexpensive. Charged with pockets of ions, they attract and neutralize particles at 0.1 microns and larger. Our filters are ideal for air pollution and dust particles.

Exploded diagram of O2 Curve in vertical orientation.


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Look your best while staying healthy. The interchangeable front shell lets you match your O2 Curve with your style. Pick from a growing selection of colours. Aside white, we have Northern Red, Moonlight Black, and Arctic Blue.

Four shells for the O2 Curve: white, red, blue, and black.
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