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O2 Canada is a leading manufacturer of healthy breathing solutions and we are currently recruiting international distribution partners to help us take the O2 solution to global markets. As an O2 distribution partner, you will receive comprehensive support to help launch and grow O2 sales in your local market.

O2 has two type of partners in global markets, 1) O2 full distribution partner and 2) O2 selling agent.

An O2 full distribution partner will warehouse and support O2 products in the local market, as well as sell the O2 solution at retail (online or offline), or supply retail partners in that market.

An O2 selling agent will help O2 find and secure distribution partners in the local market.


O2 support for full distribution partners

Product Support:

  • Support email -
  • Product training
  • Product updates, company updates, market feedback, marketing and event updates
  • Warranty is 1 year (Estimated mask lifetime, 5 years)
Marketing Support:
  • Market Development (MDF) and Co-op Marketing (co-op) Funds
  • The O2 Canada brand guideline document to support the marketing efforts of distribution partners
  • Branding in Market and Content Support; O2 Canada website,, Social media networks, Facebook and Twitter -, Instagram - @O2Canada, Air Pollution TV on YouTube - 
  • Digital advertising - 

    Stock ad templates will be provided to the distribution partner to help promote O2 Canada products, they include: Ads for, Social Media, Video, Mobile, Digital Banners, Print and Radio Scripts 
  • Image assets and logos will be provided to the distribution partner, they include; Corporate and Product Logos, Product Images, Packaging Images, Use Case Images, In Action Images
  • Ad copy will be provided


  • Volume Rebate Program (VRP)


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