2015 Air Pollution Map

January 05, 2016

2015 was a particularly bad year for air pollution. In spring, western Europe experienced one of its worst air pollution events in decades. Paris and London were engulfed in smog. Weather was partly to blame as a dry March and warm spring affected air particulate levels. Paris took measures and removed half of the vehicles from the road to reduce air pollution levels. In June, the 6 million residents of Santiago, Chile were engulfed in smog for almost a month! Air pollution even affected Canada in the summer months. Forest fires in British Columbia led to dangerous air in Vancouver. In August, Tinajin was rocked by a massive chemical explosion sending toxins into the city. September saw the middle east covered by a sand storm forcing residents in Syria and Israel to stay indoors. October's forrest fires in Indonesia created headaches for Singapore and dangerous air for the residents. December witnessed a "gas chamber" of air in New Delhi India. Here's hoping to a cleaner 2016!

We've created a map below to help you visualize locations and particular events. The map makes it very clear that air pollution is indeed a global problem.

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