The best statues to adorn with pollution masks

April 22, 2016

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The air quality in London isn't the best. This week, Greenpeace activists climbed up statues across London to protect the mouths of the statues with air pollution masks.

There are bigger statues in places with worse AQI. Here are the top 30 tallest statues and the average AQI around them this week.

The six statues with the highest AQI were:

Although these statues could possibly look great with pollution masks, they mostly appear to be religious figures - not particularly appropriate for activist art/vandalism. 

It may seem from this chart that air pollution is an Asian phenomenon. The truth is, in fact, that tall statues are an Asian phenomenon. There's air pollution everywhere - both Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty were sitting around the 60s this week.

In conclusion, taller statues in the West and less air pollution everywhere, please.


List of the tallest statues in the world
Average AQI this week
m ft
Spring Temple Buddha Lushan Henan China 128 420 154
Ushiku Daibutsu Ushiku Ibaraki Prefecture Japan 120 390 99
Laykyun Setkyar Monywa Sagaing Division Myanmar 116 381
Guan Yin of the South Sea of Sanya Sanya Hainan China 108 354 158
Emperors Yan and Huang Zhengzhou Henan China 106 348 21
Sendai Daikannon Sendai Miyagi Prefecture Japan 100 330 147
Qianshou Qianyan Guanyin of Weishan Weishan ChangshaHunan province China 99 325 59
Great Buddha of Thailand Ang Thong Thailand 92 302 35
Dai Kannon of ''Kita no Miyako'' park Ashibetsu Hokkaidō Japan 88 289 35
Grand Buddha at Ling Shan Wuxi Jiangsu Province China 88 289 157
Rodina-Mat' Zovyot! (The Motherland Calls) Mamayev Kurgan;Volgograd Russia 87 285 34
Awaji Kannon Awaji Island Hyōgo Prefecture Japan 80 260 34
Jiuhuashan Dizang Pusa Lutian Datongxiang Qingyang County China 76 249 53
Guanyin statue in Tsz Shan Monastery Hong Kong Hong Kong(China) 76 249 56
Kaga Kannon Kaga Ishikawa Prefecture Japan 73 240 104
Leshan Giant Buddha Leshan China 71 233 160
Son Tra Guanyin Da Nang Vietnam Vietnam 70 230 166
Rodina-mat' Kiev Kiev Ukraine 62 203 78
Guze Jibo Daikannon of the Narita-san temple Kurume Fukuokaprefecture Japan 62 203 74
Guanyin of Mount Xiqiao Nanhai districtFoshan Guangdong China 62 203 78
Guan Yu of Yuncheng Yuncheng Shanxi China 61 200 72
Lashaosi Dafo Wushan County Gansu China 60 200 72
Zheng Chenggong Dashenxiang Chiayi County Taiwan 52.4 172 42
Luangpho Yai Roi Et Thailand Thailand 59.2 194 68
Great Standing MaitreyaBuddha Emei TownshipHsinchu County Taiwan 57.6 189 80
Aizu Jibo Dai-Kannon Aizuwakamatsu Fukushima Japan 57 187 65
Tokyo Wan Kannon Futtsu Chiba Japan 56 184 50
Usami Dai-Kannon Izu Peninsula Itō Shizuoka Japan 50 160 34
Sodoshima Dai-Kannon Shōdoshima Shōzu District Kagawa Japan 50 160 107




Chart from:

Douglas Hindson
Douglas Hindson


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