The O2 Curve

The most effectivebreathable, and innovative air pollution mask in the world.

Designed in Canada


Carefully designed for effortless breathability, the O2 Curve hosts two large exhaust valves to ensure you're only breathing in the freshest air containing the most oxygen.

State-of-the art smart filter material recognizes and promotes the passage of the cleanest air through its thin -yet incredibly effective - membrane. You won't even know its there.


 Ergonomically designed, our medical grade silicone seal floats weightlessly on your face while simultaneously eliminating air gaps and eliminating leaks. Fully adjustable straps allow for a custom fit. Adjust it once and the mask is custom to you.


Tests at the world renowned University of Waterloo in the Air Pollution and Innovation Lab report an unprecedented efficiency rating above the 98 percentile.


Designs you can get behind. The O2 Curve’s outer shell is easily replaceable. Simply switch it out for the newest colour or design to fit your style. 

Instruction Manual